COSPAR2021 will be a hybrid event. The organizing committee are developing a platform to deliver content (from both the Scientific Sessions and the Cross-Disciplinary Workshops) to all delegates around the world.

The abstract submission and review process for the Cross-Disciplinary workshops is handled separately from that of the Scientific Sessions.

Click here for the workshop abstract submission site.

Abstracts for the workshops will be reviewed by the workshop Technical Organizing Committees. COSPAR delegates who are presenting in the COSPAR Scientific Sessions are not excluded from submitting abstracts to the workshops. Note: The Workshops are intended for a technical, but broad, audience. The goal is to share visions, insights and solutions applicable to diverse fields in space research. We advise potential workshop attendees to structure their presentations accordingly.

Workshop abstract submission instructions

For all three workshops, we solicit short abstracts (much like the abstracts for a scientific conference such as COSPAR or AGU) and extended abstracts. Short abstracts should be entered as plain text into the online form, along with title and the author information. Short abstracts must be limited to 400 words or less.

Together with the plain text short abstract, the submission form requires upload of a PDF file. This is your chance to provide additional details about the work and/or perspective. The PDF can be a single figure or plot, or can optionally be an extended abstract up to a maximum length of 3 pages.

For further detailed instructions on how to prepare a submission, see this document.

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline: Oct 31 2020 11:59PM UTC-0 extended to Nov 10 2020 11:59PM UTC-0

Acceptance decision and notification: Nov 16 2020

Click here for the workshop abstract submission site.